2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

I just had studded snow tires put on my car to get ready for winter. Now the handling is ” squirrely”, all over the road at highway speeds. I asked the tire dealer about this and was told that it is because I still have the all season tires on the front. I was told that if I put studded snows on the front as well, it would alleviate the problem and enhance the car’s handling. Is this true?
Thank you2001 Mercury Grand Marquis


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  1. I suppose it would make a difference if the front tires were worn and if you are driving in snow. If the driving conditions call for it, then yeah, putting studded tires may help but not required. If the front tires are worn, installing new all season tires would also help.

    For years I took care of a fleet of Police vehicles. They were Ford Crown Victoria’s and during the winter season we installed snow tires on the rear ONLY. Of course the front tires were NEW or close to it.

    I would think if you wanted to prove or disprove the driving ability you have now on studded tires that you could move the studded tires to the front and test drive it. Just a thought.

    Is the shop willing to give you a Money Back guarantee?

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