Why won’t my4WD drive engage?

2004 Chevy s10 4×4. Locked it in. Rough land. Everything ok. Drove it for a while in 2 wd . Started to make a clicking noise. On passenger side front tire area[front wheel]. Noise got loud. Replaced vacuum valve senor, accumulator, and cable. Noise has stopped. But it won.t go into 4wd? No more noise. No idiot light on dash. What should I try next? Why won’t my 4WD drive engage?
2004 Chevy S-10


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  1. Sounds like maybe the hubs are shot. Put it securely on jack stands and put it in 4WD and see if the front axle shafts are spinning. If they are and the wheels are not, they hubs are not working. Disassemble the hubs for further inspection.

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