2006 Toyota Corolla LE

I had my clutch replaced about 2 yrs. Ago as it was slipping. Well, it is slipping again and I’m thinking that the repair should have lasted longer than 2yrs. and I want to confront the mechanic who did the job. Am I right, or could I be doing something to cause this? I’ve only had the car 5 yrs.The car is a 5 speed and I have driven a standard for 30 yrs.!


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  1. It took you a little over 2 years of owning the car to need a clutch. You had it replaced and in about 2 years it needs a clutch again……. Maybe you drive a stick shift while resting your foot on the clutch pedal? This was an OK practice on older cars that were not Hydraulic clutch equipped. Today’s hydraulic clutches are must more sensitive and will not allow for this.

    That is about the only thing you could be dong to cause this besides the obvious hott rodding which I am sure doesn’t take place in a Corrolla.

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