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Vehicle would turn on then shut off, got a more mechanical person to check out the problem and they told me its the fuel pump. got a new fuel pump, but now (and I saw the video of this he recorded) the pipes that lead into the fuel assembly are rusted and need replacing. I am told it is called the fuel assembly or fuel hanger assembly. I wanted to order the part online, but cannot find anything other than one that fits a Rodeo of the same year in a parts store online. My question is: can the fuel assembly for the rodeo, fit my trooper? in this case are they interchangeable? It would save my life if it does. If not, where can i find the part other than a junk yard. Where can i find it online?

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  1. They are a different part completely. A phone call to the local Isuzu dealer would be your best bet. Just ask for parts department and have your VIN# ready(its on your title and registration). Not really available online mostly due to age.

  2. Would I be able to use a fuel assembly from a previous year or the year after? I am trying to find a cheaper alternative to shelling out $600 for a new part…

  3. I need a fuel assembly that would fit and work in a 1996 Isuzu trooper. Are there any fuel assembly equivalents in other types of vehicles?

  4. Found one here for $446 not much : Isuzu Fuel Pump

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