2001 buick lesabre

2001 Buick Lesabre
I recently replaced my ac actuator heat door control, the one in the glove box, it did correct my heater not working, but my fan does not blow air out the vents on the dash, the fan does blow air at the floor and the defrost. What controls the air flow at the dash vents?


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  1. Should be a mode door actuator. Another thought might be when you hooked things back up you might have left something loose. Forgot to plug something back in, etc. I would first go back over your work to make sure its not something simple since you had just been working in that area.

  2. No, The vents did not work before as well as no heat, now the heat does work, but the actuator replaced did not correct the air , I was told to replace the air flow mode actuator, I have one on order, where is it located under my dashboard?

  3. NO.You replaced the Air temperature actuator and now you have heat. There is also a mode door actuator.

    Mode Actuator Replacement

    Removal Procedure

    •Remove the left sound insulator. – Left Side in Instrument Panel, Gages and Console.
    •Remove the knee bolster . – Gauges and Console.
    •Disconnect the electrical connector from the mode actuator.

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