2000 Chevy Cobalt

2005 Chevy Cobalt
Daughter’s car caught fire, the wiring under the dash, kinda started in cigarette lighter area, or phone charger plug. she’s been receiving recalls on it pertaining to the ignition switch & lock cylinder & ignition key, could that have been cause of fire???


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  1. ◦All 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

    General Motors has notified NHTSA that it is recalling vehicles because a defective ignition switch can affect the safe operation of airbag systems.

    This is a serious safety issue that should be addressed immediately by following GM’s recommendation to “use only the ignition key with nothing else on the key ring” and getting the repairs as soon as consumers receive final notification from GM.

    Vehicle owners should contact their local dealers immediately to schedule an appointment to get the final remedy. Until the affected vehicle is fixed, owners should follow all of the interim safety steps advised by GM and keep in mind that the use of a single key is not a long term solution to the this serious safety problem. For additional information, owners can visit http://www.gmignitionupdate.com or call 1-800-222-1020.

    At NHTSA’s direction, GM ramped up its production of replacement ignition switches in order to complete production of replacement parts ahead of its original goal of early November. NHTSA also pushed the automaker to take steps to maximize the number of vehicle owners who bring in their vehicles for repair, including targeted outreach to non-English speakers, maintaining up-to-date information on its website as required by the consent order, and a combination of traditional and social media outreach, financial or other incentives, phone calls, and other approaches. Consequently, GM has repaired nearly 60 percent of the affected vehicle population covered under the recall, but many others remain. Moving forward, NHTSA will continue to push the automaker to keep up the momentum and get the remaining vehicles fixed promptly.

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