2002 ford explorer 4×4

2002 Ford Explorer
We were having heating issues. The heater didn’t work. Big O diagnosed the heater temp door actuator and the thermostat. Come tho find out the heating system wasn’t hooked up at all to the HVAC system (ie radiator etc) three hoses were disconnected cut or cut and crimped. After doing a two hour diagnostic check which they were going to charge me $100 for they some how missed this until they were going to put in the thermostat. The dash etc had already been pulled apart to install the heat blend door actuator and put put back together. Had I known about the hoses i would have had them check the heater core. Is this the mechanics error?


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  1. Having not been there and heard or seen the entire situation it is difficult to determine of there was an error on the mechanic’s side. However I do not see how you would allow them to charge two diagnostic fees for the same job…. If the mechanic stated “they missed it” while looking at it, then no additional diagnostic fee should be charged. But of course any work or parts would still be your responsibility once agreed upon.

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