Bmw 530d 2003

2003 BMW 530
Changed fuel filter, car was fine for bout half hour then it made a loud bang noise started smoking and now engine wont start.


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  1. Whenever a fuel filter is changed the fuel system requires being primed before it will start again. The fuel system pressure is bled off before the fuel filter is removed. Once the new fuel filter is installed, the fuel filter needs to be filled up and the fuel lines pressurized. This is accomplished by cycling the ignition key. Turn the key to “ON” and hold for 5 seconds and then move the key to “OFF” and then back to “ON” for another 5 seconds. Repeat this process 10 times. Now that the fuel system is primed, when you turn the key to “START” the fuel system will have adequate fuel pressure to fire the injectors and start the engine. This common error for this repair and runs true for all fuel injected makes and models.

    If you were trying to mash on the gas pedal to start it, you may have flooded it for a second and a stray spark caused the loud backfire. After it sets for an hour or overnight cycle the ignition key and then try to start the engine.

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