Nov 232015

2003 Acura TL S-Type
When I started driving it this morning after letting it warm up, I noticed the car was running rough and the check engine light was on. As I proceeded to the nearest gas station, the check engine light started flashing along with the triangle exclamation point light and the vsa light. When I got to the gas station I checked the oil and it was fine. I started the car again and drove for a short distance before the check engine light came back on and flashed. This time not vsa or exclamation. But I think those may have come on had I kept driving

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  1. You did the right thing by no longer driving it. Anytime the check engine light flashes internal engine damage may occur if the car is continued to be driven. The check engine light trouble codes will need to be scanned to determine the issue. These codes require a scan tool to be extracted. This can be done at a repair shop or for free at just about any local auto parts store. Posts the codes below for further information.

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