2005 buick, rainer

2005 Buick Rainer
My car is make a whizzing noise that only occurs when i am accelerating. I suspect it it may ne in the wheel bearing or hub but cant identify which side the noise is coming from. Have u ran across any problems like i have described & if so what might it be. The noise is only getting very rapidly. Thank you for taking time to help me.


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  1. This very well may be the hub bearings making the noise and causing you grief. It is difficult to determine which side at times. But in my experience i have found it to be only a matter of weeks before the other bearing goes out anyway. You got to figure it has the same amount of mileage as the other one so why wouldn’t it go bad around the same time. So if possible i would recommend going ahead and replacing them both.

    What it takes to replace a hub bearing

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