99 Oldsmobile Intrigue

1999 oldsmobile intrigue
The heater blower fan will not shut off, even when I turn off the car and remove the key. For about a month, it was operating only in the high speed setting.
To turn off the fan, I have removed the fuse from the block inside the passenger door.


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  1. The fan only working on the high speed setting will require replacing the blower motor resistor.

    The resistor is located next to the blower motor in the ventilation box behind the glove box. One wire connector and couple of screws and your done.

    To fix the blower motor not turning off, all we need to do is replace the blower motor relay because it is sticking. The blower motor relay is located in the under hood fuse block.

    Just pop the old one out and pot the new one in. It will take you longer to get the hood up than it will to replace this relay.

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