99 silvarodo

windshield wiper blade
My trucks wipers only work for a little bit when I hit a bump.

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  1. This model Chevy truck has been known to have wiper motor issues. The problem comes from an internal “pulse board” of the wiper motor. The contact points wear down and get dirty. The contact points rest upon a flat spring that also tend to weaken which creates a loss of electrical connection.
    Chevy wiper motor pulse board repair

    What you will need to do to fix it yourself :

    1. Clean off all dirt and grease from the contact tips and the wiper motor.
    2. You will need to bend the flat springs out a bit. This will create more pressure on the contact tips and allow the wiper motor to function properly.
    3. Apply a good amount of fresh dielectric grease to the contact points.

    4. Install pulse board and check for operation.

    This will take care of the issue 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time the entire wiper motor assembly will need to be replaced.

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