’01 dodge neon

2001 Dodge Neon
I have an ’01 dodge neon. It just started making a noise that sounds like a very thin, small metal rod hitting bicycle spokes. I want to say it’s in the front but I can’t be sure. I believe it’s on the drivers side. I know I have a bad rear tire in the back on the drivers side but I don’t think that’s the problem. It doesn’t do it all the time. It’s a constant speed whether I’m going 10 or 60 mph.


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  1. If it makes the noise when you are setting in park than the issue would be part of the engine assembly. You could remove the serpentine belt and start the engine to see if the noise goes away. If the noise is still there, you have an internal engine issue. (make sure it has oil in it)

    However if the noise is only apparent when you are in motion then you are looking at the drive-line. This could be your axles, hub bearings, brakes, any thing that is in motion when driving.

    I don’t think the rear tire has anything to do with it either but would be a good idea to fix it sooner than later.

    How to find out where a Noise is coming from

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