BMW E30 318i 1991

1991 BMW E30
Question 1) My Car wont seem to turn over! I can hear a faint clicking sound (1 time each time I try) and all the power stuff works ie; windows, wipers,lights,etc.) but it still wont turn over….

due to it not turning over this takes me to…..

Question 2) When my car is shifted into neutral and the E-Brake is off I am able to push the car forward or wherever it is I need to move it! as soon as I try putting it into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. and pushing the clutch pedal all the way down it does not want to move


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  1. First make certain the battery is fully charged and in good standing condition. “Load Testing” the battery is important. This is the only way to insure the battery is Good. Just checking the volts is not enough. The radio and lights turning on in the car are not enough. The windows and lights require a small amount of amperage, 5 -15 amps, as compared to the starter that requires closer to 250 amps. So use a load tester to check the battery.

    Make sure your battery terminals are clean and the battery cable connections at the battery.

    Then check for battery voltage at the “S” terminal on the starter while someone holds the ignition key in the “START” position. If you see battery voltage then replace the STARTER.
    If you do not see battery voltage then you will need to trace the wiring backward with a multi-meter and repair as needed.

    As for the clutch not releasing, the most likely thing I can think would be the car has been setting for a while and the clutch disk is just sticking a bit. I think once you get the engine going it may be just fine.

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