Nov 202015

1996-Subaru Legacy wagon
I have a Subaru legacy gt wagon 1996 ej20 engine, the car works fine when its warmed up , but if i just turn it on normally it’ll idle very roughly with low revs for like 3-5 seconds then turn off, unless I hold the key turned so it forces the car to stay on and allows the revs to go normally. After Ive held the key for like 20 seconds I can let go of the key and from then on well its warmed up it’ll work fine until Ive left it for a long time again, though on repeat of the holding key in turned on position it’ll work. the starter motor has also very recently been changed and I did take off the IAC and try clean it but couldn’t get the top part off too manually twist the valve when cleaning. also cleaned the maf sensor.

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  1. Sounds to me like you need the ignition switch or key and tumbler assembly replaced.

  2. thankyou for the reply, much appreciated help. Ill probably take it into to a shop when I can however, starting the car like this will it do major damage? it makes a rattling sound well im holding the key,but not the loud grind rattling sound when you turn the key too far when the engines .

  3. It wasn’t designed to be used the way you are but for a short time I think you will be OK. Of course the sooner the better for just about any repair that is needed.

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