Nov 302015

2002 Ford Mondeo
I have an orange light flashing on dash and since it came on I have lost the power of the turbo and it runs average but was hard to start when cold and as it starts a lot of white smoke and no revs for a few seconds so had the heater plugs done and the injectors and still no engine performance and sluggish start this morning and a little smoke. what can it be please?

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  1. I will assume the orange flashing light is a check engine light. In order to know why the orange light came on it will require a scantool to extract the codes. But for now I will explain what is going on. Anytime the light is flashing it is because the engines computer has determined, through the use of sensor signals, that there is a serious issue going. In this case the computer will cut power and refer to “Limp Mode”. Limp mode uses preset parameter to allow the engine to run good enough to be able to limp off the highway instead of being completely stranded. As for the white smoke, this occurs when the engine is burning coolant/ant-freeze. Check and keep an eye on your coolant level.

    If I had to guess, I would lean toward a blown head gasket.

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