2002 Ford Expedition

2002 Ford Expedition
I was recently in a wreck and now at about 30 miles per hour my truck will dangerously jerk to the right and it will not make a sharp left turn. I was told the steering gear box might be leaking. I did not have these problems before the wreck. My tie rod ends and all have been checked seemed to be OK. Would replacing the gear box be the thing to do at this point.


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  1. Sounds to me more like something is bent still. The good news is that you can test the steering gear box first to see if it is the issue(and I doubt that it is).

    disconnect the gear box from the steering linkage and then start the engine and see if you can now turn the wheel from left to right and if it works as it should… you have ruled out the steering gear box.

    How to simplify an auto repair problem.

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