05 Escape

My 2005 Escape with 97k sat idle in the garage for a few months. Now it runs rough and I get a check engine light and codes for misfire, O2 sensor, catalyst, and EGR. I am not a mechanic but I was told that a misfire could trigger all these codes and that I should start by replacing the Plugs and coils? Is there something easier I should try first?
WRT plugs and coils I can get 6 coils and plugs online for my V6 3.0 for $79. Ford.com lists just one coil for $85, Is this a quality or a rip issue?


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  1. Well let me take a look here. You need 6 coils. I see we can get them for $9.00 a piece or we can save some money an get an entire set of 6 for $51.30.

    The spark plugs are little more expensive if you get the OEM(original equipment) but they will last much longer. You can pick them up online for around $3 each.

    Buy them together :
    6 coils @ 51.30
    6 plugs @ 18.54
    Total = $69.84 includes free shipping on orders over $35

    As for it being a quality or rip off issue. I believe it is more of a quality and warranty issue. Ford more than likely has a better warranty on the quality of the part and of course has a bit more overhead, so they charge for it. No rip off intended.

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