Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3.0 TD

I seem to have lost power. I notice the lack of power on hills and the pick up does not seem as good as it used to be. The car runs OK even with a ton of sand or gravel in the back but when I tow a caravan the car overheats after about 30 miles/50 kilometres and on hills quicker. On start up I get some black smoke, I have had the injectors serviced that did improve the smoke on start up. If it was a petrol engine I would be more sure diagnosing the problem but with diesel’s I don’t have enough experience to be confident of a diagnosis.
Your help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

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  1. Hi thanks for the reply, the Landcruiser is 1999 and has done 190,000 miles, no gearbox warning light, it’s an automatic gearbox, no issues with the gear changing or overdrive. The engine is not over reving like the clutch/torque converter has a problem. I was wondering because of the smoke on start up if the problem lies with either the fuel pump or the turbo causing a problem with the fuel mixture to lean or rich the loss of power makes me suspect the turbo as the engine pick up is poor. The trouble is that could also be a fuel pump issue. Is there a common issue with the landcruiser suffering from fuel pump or turbo problems. On the whole the landcruiser is bullet proof.
    Look forward to your comments.

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