1993 oldsmobile cutlass supreme

The catalytic converter is running red hot. The spark plugs, wires and coils have been replaced and the converter is brand new. I feel this problem started when had muffler pipe replaced. Could it be the muffler causing this? or what else could be causing this since the basics have been replaced?

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  1. The converter glows red hot when it is burning an excessive amount of fuel. This is caused from a RICH condition. The engines computer thinks the engine needs more fuel than it actually does. The engine can not burn all the fuel that is being injected into it so it gets passed onto the converter to try and burn it off.

    I would start by pulling any engine trouble codes that might be stored. You can do it yourself without the use of a scan tool.

    Pull Oldsmobile check engine light codes yourself.

    A RICH condition may occur if there is a vacuum leak present or from a sensor failure.

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