1997 Pontiac grand prix

Lately while driving my headlights would dim/Pulse while braking or accelerating I bought a new battery today and installed it and it is continuing to do the same thing.


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  1. If it was just one side or the other I would say it may just be a loose or rusted ground wire connection. Especially if the vehicle has ever been in an accident. But each headlight uses its own separate ground. So if it is only doing this on one side start at the ground connection.

    If this is happening with both headlights then I would work the Dimmer switch a few times a try to notice if it has an effect, if it does I would replace the dimmer switch. If not, I would check power and ground at the Daytime Running Lamps Control Module. Test the Diode coming from the control module and wiring.

    Here is a wiring diagram to help assist you in your project.

    1997 Pontiac Grand Prix headlight wiring diagram

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