2000 toyota avalon 6cyl

We have had to start the car by turning the steering wheel as if it’s locked. It clicks like its a dead battery or alternator, but when we crank the wheel while turning the key it starts! It’s getting worse, ie: from once in a while to every time we start it now. Where do we start, could be a wire twisted or broke??


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  1. I will start with this since you mentioned “clicks” . A rule of thumb.
    One hard click and dash lights stay on is generally a bad starter
    Bunch of clicks (click, click,click) is a bad battery
    One click and loss of dash lights indicates a loose connection

    Electricity does funny things when the voltage is lower than it should be. This can be caused by a bad battery or corrosion on the battery or battery terminal connections. I would start by replacing the battery or removing the corrosion if applicable. Then I would swap out the starter relay(located in the under hood fuse block) since it is inexpensive and one of only two things in between the starter and the ignition switch. The other being the gear selector switch and those are an uncommon failure part.

    Steering wheel position should have no effect on the starting system at all other than allowing the key to turn if the steering wheel is locked.

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