2001 Ford Expedition

2001 Ford Expedition
I had my spark plugs changed but one was loose gas went every where now I have the smell of gas in my car what could be the problem.


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  1. The smell of gas would indicate a fuel leak. If the engine is still able to run, then the leak is a small one. But any fuel leak should be repaired ASAP. I would not recommend driving the vehicle until the fuel leak is repaired.

    How do I locate a Fuel Leak?

    Since the car has an electronic fuel pump all we need to do is cycle the ignition key and the fuel pressure will build. Once the pressure has built it will spray a mist of fuel from where it is leaking. Look under the car for a puddle starting to form and then follow it upward until you have found the exact location of the leak. The use of a clean piece of cardboard under the car may sometimes help as well.

    How a Fuel System works

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