99 Toyota Corolla

1999 Toyota Corolla
What would cause the back right wheel to be angled in slightly on top? The opposite wheel is fine. The car drives fine with a slight pull to the right, and it does need new rear shocks.


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  1. If the vehicle was in a wreck in that area you may have some damage and should have all components inspected. If there was no wreck then it may be as simple as an tire alignment issue. In your case it would have to due with the camber. Unfortunately with your vehicle the rear camber is not adjustable. So if the camber is out of specification then then there is now evidence of a part needing to be replaced. Since your shocks are worn, as you stated, excessive wear may have been put on other parts of the rear suspension. Most likely the rear springs. When this occurs it can sometimes cause the spring to crack and break in half. An easy way to check would be to measure the height of the rear fender on one side and compare it top the measurement of the other side. One would lower. The lower side would be the side to inspect for a broken spring. So why not save yourself some money and replace both at once with the use of a “Quick Strut”. This will replace the entire strut/shock assembly including the springs and the difference in labor will make up for the cost of the parts.

    2. INSTALL CAMBER-CASTER-KINGPIN GAUGE OR POSITION VEHICLE ON WHEEL ALIGNMENT TES- TER Follow the specific instructions of the equipment manufacturer.
    3. INSPECT CAMBER Camber: Camber -0°55’ ± 45’ (-0.92° ± 0.75°) Right-left error 45’ (0.75°) or less If the measured value is not within the specified value, inspect the suspension parts for damage and/or wear and replace them if necessary because camber is not adjustable

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