2003 ford f-150

does the ford f-150 have two catalytic converters? on the driver side?


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  1. Yes.Looking at the diagram below you can see two on each side. It is sold as a left side and a right side assembly. You do not need to buy two separate one per side.

    1. — Exhaust manifold
    2. 9F472 Heated oxygen sensors (HO2S)
    3. 5A212 Muffler extension pipe
    (137 inch and 158 inch wheelbase only)
    4. 5261 Bracket and insulator assembly
    5. 5K214 Muffler and tailpipe assembly
    6. 5E214 LH three way catalytic converter (TWC)
    7. 5G218 RH three way catalytic converter (TWC)
    8. 5E269 Bracket and insulator assembly
    9. 5281 Isolator
    10. 9G444 Catalyst monitor sensor
    11. — Torca band clamp
    (part of 5G218)
    12. 5B245 Muffler inlet hanger bracket assembly
    13. 5A246 Muffler hanger bracket assembly

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