2009 Pontiac g6

My car stalled on me a few months ago and was diagnosed as needing a fuel pump replaced. I got it replaced and it still didn’t start, so I thought maybe my battery was bad. I took it to a different place and they said my engine was seized! I took it then to a friend of mine who works with a mechanic, they opened the engine and found pellets from a pellet gun inside the engine. How is this possible, and should I suspect my car was tampered with? Will my engine be ruined? I am worried I know who did this what should I do?


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  1. For anything foreign to be found internal in an engine it had to be put there. The engine has had too many miles to think it might have happened during manufacturing. If the engine is seized, any part that is found damaged will need to be replaced or repaired.

    “I am worried I know who did this what should I do?”

    Advise you speak with someone that deals in these matters.

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