2008 saturn aura xe

The standard tire on this model is 225/50R17, though I want to put on it – 235/55R17. My question is.. will the 235’s fit? mainly concerned in the front and if they would touch the strut.. any help would be great.


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  1. Pls help cause the tire shops wont do the install due to the fact that when they go looking it up on the internet to see if Saturn Aura shows any alternate tire sizes allowed it shows none (just the 225/50R17).
    So I’m going to call a local smaller auto mechanic shop that isn’t a specific Big Name Shop.. and see if they can do the install of the larger set. My plan was to have them just do one of the fronts first just to see if they will fit.

  2. The 2008 Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid came with 215/60R16 = 26.2×8.5R16
    The 2008 Saturn Aura XE came with 225/50R17 = 25.9×8.9R17
    The Saturn Aura XR came with 225/50R18 = 26.9×8.9R18

    None of the vehicles with this tall of a tire, There is a 50/50 chance it will work. It looks like the only way to tell would be to install and test it out.
    225/50R17 = 25.9×8.9R17 this gives you a 25″ diameter

    235/55R17 = 27.2×9.3R17 this gives you a 27″ diameter

  3. Thanks, that’s what I figured.. Now I just have to find someone that will do the install attempt since I keep getting refused.

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