1993 Chevy Caprice

When cold it starts right up. Once warmed up, it dies and won’t start up until it’s cold again.


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  1. The most common reason for the issue you are describing would be a faulty ignition control module.Cheap enough at less than $30 and delivered to your house. Saves on fuel cost too. Easy enough to replace. If you have ever changed a distributor cap you are half way there because it is located under the distributor cap. I will provide the replacement procedure below and the part.

    Ignition Control Module Removal and Installation

    1.Disconnect wires from cap.
    2.Remove distributor cap from distributor.
    3.Remove the two module attaching screws and capacitor attaching screw. Lift module, capacitor and harness assembly from base.
    4.Disconnect wiring harness and capacitor assembly.
    5.To install, apply silicone lubricant on housing under module.
    6.Connect wiring harness and capacitor assembly.
    7.Install module and attaching screws.
    8.Install the distributor cap and wires.

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