Rear Axle Chevy Suburban

1997 Chevy Suburban
The rear axle assembly disintegrated on my 97 4wd suburban lt. And more than likely the rear drive train needs to be replaced just need to know how much to fix this, ballpark.


$1600 – Rebuilt Rear end installed (Rear Axle Assembly)

*Jasper Engines and Transmissions also re-manufacturer rear ends. I mention this because they have one of the best warranties out there. They will cover your part and LABOR cost should anything occur.  Not to mention they have Installers all over the country.

Rear Axle  Assembly Replacement

    1. Raise and support the front end on jackstands.
    2. Remove the wheels.
    3. Remove the skid plate.
    4. Drain the carrier.
    5. Matchmark and remove the front driveshaft.
    6. Disconnect the right axle shaft at the tube flange.
    7. Disconnect the left axle shaft at the carrier flange.
    8. Wire both axle shafts out of the way.
    9. Unplug the connectors at the indicator switch and actuator.
    10. Disconnect the carrier vent hose.
    11. Remove the axle tube-to-frame bolts, washers and nuts.
    12. Remove the lower carrier mounting bolt.
    13. Disconnect the right side inner tie rod end at the relay rod.
    14. Depending on the model, it may be necessary to remove the engine oil filter.
    15. Support the carrier on a floor jack
    16. Remove the upper carrier mounting bolt.
    17. Lower the carrier assembly from the truck.

    To install:

    1. Raise the carrier into position.
    2. Install the upper carrier mounting bolt, washers and nut. Then, install the lower carrier mounting bolt, washers and nut. Tighten the bolts to 80 ft. lbs. (110 Nm).
    3. Remove the jack.
    4. Install the oil filter.
    5. Connect the tie rod end. Tighten the nut to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).
    6. Install the axle tube-to-frame bolts, washers and nuts. Tighten the nuts to 75 ft. lbs. (100 Nm) for 15 and 25 series; 107 ft. lbs. (145 Nm) for 35 series.
    7. Connect the vent hose.
    8. Connect the wiring.
    9. Connect the axle shafts at the flanges. Tighten the bolts to 59 ft. lbs. (80 Nm).
    10. Connect the driveshaft. Tighten the bolts to 15 ft. lbs. (20 Nm).
    11. Fill the carrier with gear oil.
    12. Install the wheels.
    13. Add any engine oil lost when the filter was removed.