2006 dodge charger 3.5L V6

Why does my motor start than die right away?
I changed the fuel pump and now this issue.


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  1. 99% of the time this is cause from failure to prime the fuel system before trying to start the engine. The fuel needs to be primed after the fuel pump and or fuel filter is replaced.

    How to Prime the fuel system:

    Cycling the ignition key from “OFF” to “ON” (Not “START”) 10 times.
    Hold the ignition key for 10 seconds in each position and repeat.

    Why Do I need to prime the fuel system:

    This allows the fuel system to build the needed pressure required to fire the fuel injectors. Without proper fuel pressure the fuel injectors will not spray fuel into the engine correctly.

    – How Fuel injection Systems Work


    This is an OPEN LOOP mode. If the vehicle is in park or neutral (automatic transaxles) or the clutch pedal is depressed (manual transaxles) the ignition switch energizes the starter relay when the engine is not running. The following actions occur when the starter motor is engaged.

    •If the PCM receives the camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor signals, it energizes the Auto Shutdown (ASD) relay and fuel pump relay. If the PCM does not receive both signals within approximately one second, it will not energize the ASD relay and fuel pump relay. The ASD and fuel pump relays supply battery voltage to the fuel pump, fuel injectors, ignition coil, (EGR solenoid and PCV heater if equipped) and heated oxygen sensors.

    •The PCM energizes the injectors (on the 69° degree falling edge) for a calculated pulse width until it determines crankshaft position from the camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor signals. The PCM determines crankshaft position within 1 engine revolution.

    •After determining crankshaft position, the PCM begins energizing the injectors in sequence. It adjusts injector pulse width and controls injector synchronization by turning the individual ground paths to the injectors On and Off.

    •When the engine idles within ±64 RPM of its target RPM, the PCM compares current MAP sensor value with the atmospheric pressure value received during the Ignition Switch On (zero RPM) mode.

    Once the ASD and fuel pump relays have been energized, the PCM determines injector pulse width based on the following:

    •Engine RPM
    •Battery voltage
    •Engine coolant temperature
    •Inlet/Intake air temperature (IAT)
    •Throttle position
    •The number of engine revolutions since cranking was initiated

    During Start-up the PCM maintains ignition timing at 9° BTDC.

  2. 2006 dodge charger 3.5l i can start it then instantly dies i checked injector pulse it come on one flash then no more as it dies. i dont know if the pcm is bad and sending bad signal. but i also have no voltage to my electric throttle body and i have the lighting bolt that wont go away. i replaced electric throttle body and fuel rail and injectors fuel pump and fuel pump module and egr tube gasket to upper manifold and crankshaft position senser checked relays and fuses. i dont know whats telling pcm to shut off injectors please can any help me find the right path to locate my probleme

  3. and to mention if i have some one crank it over to start it before it dies i can bottle feed it gas and it will stay running but still no fuel injector pulse as im bottle feeding it to stay running. so can anyone tell me what im up against

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