4 Cylinder Engine Block

Engine cylinder

Engine Block

What inline 4 engine block has off sets of 90 Degrees on each piston and fires 1,2,3,4, with a bore in between 60mm to 115mm and a stroke in between 60mm and 115mm. I’m looking for the cheapest and smallest engine in this range possible and if at all possible made from non-magnetic material.

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  1. Bugatti comes close with some of his designs.

    By raising the center pistons together and the outer pistons together the crank can be lighter and the engine easier to balance. Then the firing order needs to be established. Notice:

    They all express the same firing order, but notice that on the ones with the asterixs show that the front two fire in turn and then the rear two do. This has significant impact on the breathing of both the inlet and the exhaust. For example the front carburetor does all of its breathing in sequence which helps the charge flow into the next cylinder firing, without excessive stalling of the air fuel mix. So on most four cylinder cars with the 1342 firing arrangement the outer two cylinders contribute slightly more power than the inner two. On a three bearing engine that means less than half the load is taken on bearing two, and bearings one and three split the heavier loads. Finally, with the shared exhaust runner on 23 and separate ones for 14 you can suddenly see that the exhaust flow can cooperate to a greater extent in withdrawing each other out of the engine, a process called ‘tuning’.

    Some of this is possible with a 1234 firing order, but it would be undesirable to have 2 and 3 fire in sequence for the balance and load reasons mentioned. There are exceptions to this order in engine design, even among inline engines. On the VW air cooled engine which is opposed, the firing order is 1432 for reasons of the opposite and separate exhaust runners.

    Maybe someone with a bit more background in this area will chime in.

  2. H2 hummer 2003 should u be able to move the center mechanism on the transfer case gear motor by hand off the vehicle.how u tell if it’s bad

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