2012 Toyota Camry

I want to know if I can put on tires that are one size wider and one size taller than stock? The clearance would help me on the roads I travel. Thanks for any response. Boo


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  1. Yes. But thee are somethings to be aware of.

    Toyota equips the 2012 Camry 4cyl LE with a 205/65R16 tire – equal to 26.5″ so a 215/65/16 would give you a total of 27″ in diameter.
    Toyota equips the 2012 Camry V6 SE with a 225/45R18 tire. – equal to 255/50R16 26″

    Depending on what model you have determines the size of tire it came with. All in all there is generally not too much of an issue but it is best practice to use a “Tire Size Equivalents” calculator and then measure for clearance. Changing the circumference of the tire could be the difference of at least 1/2 – 1 1/2 inch greater in diameter.

    26″ Tire Diameter
    195/65R16 = 26X7.7R16
    205/65R16 = 26.5×8.1R16
    215/60R16 = 26.2×8.5R16
    225/60R16 = 26.6×8.9R16
    235/55R16 = 26.2×9.3R16
    255/50R16 = 26x10R16

    27″ Tire Diameter
    155/90R16 = 27X6.1R16
    195/75R16 = 27.5×7.7R16
    205/70R16 = 27.3×8.1R16
    215/65R16 = 27×8.5R16
    215/70R16 = 27.9×8.5R16
    225/65R16 = 27.5×8.9R16
    235/60R16 = 27.1×9.3R16
    295/50R16 = 27.6×11.6R16
    355/40R16 = 27.2X14R16

    28″ Tire Diameter
    195/80R16 = 28.3×7.7R16
    205/80R16 = 28.9×8.1R16
    215/75R16 = 28.7×8.5R16
    225/70R16 = 28.4×8.9R16
    235/65R16 = 28×9.3R16
    255/60R16 = 28x10R16

    Keep in mind that your speedometer will no longer be calibrated correctly and will read false. So will the odometer reading. It will have a minor effect of shift points but may be noticeable.

    It is not recommended to change tire size from its original equipped size.

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