2005 mazda 3

Grinding sound coming from belts and pulleys area. Friend thinks its a water pump. Louder when car is cold, and pretty much makes this sound constantly. Thoughts?


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  1. Your friends may be right but there is no reason to guess. With the engine running and making the noise, spray a shot of WD-40 directly at the serpentine belt. If the noise goes away, the belt needs to be replaced in order for the noise to diminish. Noise still there?

    Lets rule out the internal components and check the external components first. Remove the serpentine belt. Start engine and allow it to run for no more than one minute. While the engine is running, with the belt off, listen to make sure the noise is no longer present. If the noise is still there, you have internal engine damage. The noise is gone, great. Shut off the engine and check the external components. Spin the pulleys and listen for the odd sounding one.

    – How to diagnose a noise, step by step

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