Camshaft sensor low voltage 2000 GMC Sierra 4.8L

2000 GMC Sierra
The code reader says camshaft position sensor low voltage. I’ve had issues the last few months with it being hard to start and stalling on occasion I put my code reader on it. I have replaced both crank and cam sensors. Problem still exists. Ive checked what I could as per why the camshaft sensor low voltage comes up and now I’m stumped.



Code P0342 – Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Low Voltage

Camshaft sensor low voltage possible causes

  • Faulty Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Camshaft Position Sensor harness is open or shorted
  • Camshaft Position Sensor circuit poor electrical connection
  • Faulty starter motor
  • Starting system circuit
  • Dead (Weak) battery

Camshaft sensor low voltage possible symptoms

Camshaft sensor low voltage related symptoms

The following symptoms can be caused by intermittent wiring connections or faulty signal to the EMS:

  • Extended crank time with a cold engine
  • Intermittent rough running
  • Unstable idle
  • Bucking
  • Hesitation
  • Stumble
  • Chuggle
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Stalling on acceleration

Camshaft sensor low voltage operation

Engine Management Systems (EMS) use the camshaft position sensor to manage sequential fuel injection and as part of misfire diagnosis. The EMS constantly monitors the number of pulses on the signal circuit. The EMS compares the number of camshaft sensor reference pulses and the number of crankshaft position sensor reference pulses received. If the EMS receives an incorrect number of pulses, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) should be stored in the EMS. Some engine management systems will then default to multi-port or “gang-fire” injector operation. The camshaft position sensor signal is required to sequence the injector operation to the proper cylinder timing. If the camshaft position sensor or circuit is faulty most engines will start. The EMS misfire diagnostic will likely be affected.

camshaft sensor low voltage

– Camshaft Position Sensor CMP