Engine oil question

engine oil question
Where does the oil from the pump go first?


That is a good engine oil question. As you can see from the engine oil flow chart above the oil starts in the oil pan located at the bottom of the engine. The oil is sucked in to the oil pump through an oil pick up tube. The oil is then pumped to its first stop which is the oil filter. Having the engine oil pumped through the oil filter first keeps the majority of dirt out of the top of the engine.

Engine oil question

Most of these engine oil questions are asking the same thing. In most modern cars the engine oil cap is labelled with correct oil weight. In some cases the information is kept secret and buried in the owner’s manual.

Oil Weight

On the oil container you will see to numbers separated by a “W”. The first number is relative to the outside temperature. The second number is the oil weight. So 5w30 and 10w30 both carry the same oil weight of 30.