Jul 072016

2001 Pontiac AztekIt is idling at 4 grand. I bought and put on a new TPS and MAF sensor because the code said they were bad. They still read bad the car still idles high and when I unplug the TPS it stops idling high and runs great. DO YOU KNOW OF THIS ISSUE?

Generally a high idle is caused by a vacuum leak. However unplugging the TPS should not change it if it was a vacuum leak. I have read of hundreds of occasions where the 2001 Pontiac Aztek with a high idle was fixed simply by replacing the TPS Sensor.  I have also read of several instances where the throttle position sensor connector was at fault.

Those stated:  “Disconnected the throttle position sensor connector, visually inspected the connector and terminals and found the connector was melted and also damaged the throttle position sensor.”

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