Fuse Keeps Blowing 2000 Plymouth Breeze

2000 Plymouth breezeFuel fuse keeps blowing an won’t start. I had starter tested an its fine. A short in wire but not sure which 1.


I have to assume you are referring to Fuse # 10,  10 amp fuse that supplies power to the Fuel Pump Relay. Check the relay and then the wiring for a short. The fuse also supplies power signal to the PCM on PIN 20(F 12), it is a DARK BLUE/ WHITE wire.

Why would you have the starter tested? Does the engine not turn over?

FUEL PUMP RELAY – removal and installation

The fuel pump relay is located in the PDC. The inside top of the PDC cover has a label showing relay and fuse location.

Power Distribution for Fuse Keeps Blowing 10 Wiring Diagram – 2000 Plymouth Breeze