Not Charging 1997 ford f350 7.3 diesel

1997 Ford F350My vehicle will not charge. I have changed the batteries and alternator. I pulled the ground lines and cleaned them along with the positive cables. When the alternator is on the vehicle it checks bad and is not charging. When it is off the vehicle it checks good. I was told the voltage regulator was bad so I changed it and still not charging. I did get a reading with a volt meter that showed I had a good reading when one wire was on the positive cable and the other was on the wires from the alternator the case, the bracket but when I put it on the block I got a reading of not ground.??????can you advise what I should do next its driving me crazy as I am not a very good mechanic.


Sounds like a wiring issue. You may have a bad ground or a shorted wire. Or maybe a bad inline fusible link. The bad fusible link is the most common cause. Isolate the wire and check for continuity on either side to see if it is bad. Unless you have a 215 amp alternator then the “Fuse Link J” is replaced with a large 300 amp fuse. Use the wiring diagram to assist in checking your charging system.

Charging System Wiring Diagram 1997 Ford F350 7.3L Diesel