Rotten Smell 2001 Dodge Caravan

2001 Dodge CaravanI had a slight delay when I hit the gas at a stop light. I drive an hour to and from work. When I got close to home, I smelled rotten eggs. What can cause a rotten smell and will it last 2 week’s until I can get it fixed? There are 162,040 miles on it.


The rotten smell is coming from the catalytic converter. This happens when the engine is running rich and the converter is overloaded. If driven too long the converter will melt internally and clog. Not a good idea if you can avoid it. Also the rich condition is usually accompanied with a check engine light code.  Your local auto parts store should be able to pull these codes for free. Have any issues repaired and the smell should go away shortly. Two weeks would be pushing it, but It shouldn’t leave you stranded. The fuel mileage will be horrible though.