ABS Noise 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo

1999 Chevy Monte CarloWhen braking there is a noise that sounds like the shift lever interlock but it comes from the pedal area. I unplugged one of the ABS wires from ABS module and the ABS noise stopped. But doing that I now have no abs. The ABS works fine its just the noise and where it is from.


Sounds like the ABS system is working and as it should. I am guessing the noise you are hearing is the usual ABS noise which is kind of a grown noise. This happens when you are on ice and braking or when one of the wheel speed sensors is reading improperly. This is a common issue when a hub bearing starts to fail. Some of the metal flakes from the worn bearing material affect the wheel speed sensor reading.

ABS Noise Fix

Replace the hub bearing assembly. The wheel speed sensor is inside the hub bearing and cannot be serviced separately.




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  1. its not any thing to do with the actual brakes..its from under the hood or dash….i know what my abs sounds like..this noise like the shift interlock..but it does it rapidly..

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