2011 Kia Forte EX

2011 Kia ForteA couple of weeks ago I was driving to fix a flat and my car just died. Would not turn on just making a cranking sound. Got it towed. Had a neighbor who is a mechanic look at it. He checked fuses, good, the battery was no good So I got it replaced. He checked the fuel line through my back seat and everything looked good but he replaced the fuel pump and the filter was good. Ran sludge cleaner stuff through my gas STP and all fluids good. We tried starting it the next day since it now started but quickly died, and now it starts for a longer period off time but dies when driving it. We diagnosed the car with his scan tool and it read codes regarding an electrical part. I don’t remember exactly but regardless he changed all four coils and spark plugs. Now it starts with a little trouble in the beginning but when I rev it will catch and the check engine light is on not flashing just on. I tried going around the block and it stalls and wont start until I close the doors and lock and unlock doors with remote then it will start work about 10 seconds then starts having trouble catching so kills the engine. I have did diagnosis several times and showing misfires but my neighbor also checked to see if there was spark coming through and there was. I am now sitting in my car for 30 min and has not died but engine light is on and if I put it in drive with the brake on it starts struggling for gas about a min in but in neutral and park the gas sounds fine when I rev it up. If you have any ideas what else it could be cause I don’t have the money and time to take it across town for a $100 charge just to plug it to a computer. I was hoping time and getting some good cleaner in my tank and superior gas but its been weeks and I am desperate.


Would be great if you could post any existing check engine light codes below in the comments. Just about any auto parts store will hook up there scan tool and check the codes for FREE.