Code U1096 Saturn Vue 2002

2002 Saturn Vue’02 Saturn Vue (V6/AWD/5 Spd AT). Scanned ECM, TCM, BCM, SDM & EPS for codes. One code found U1096 with Service Wrench light illuminated (Lost communication with IPC). IPC Connector resistance to ground (B4) is less than 1 ohm and IPC Connector voltage (B2) is 12.3 V. IPC functions as it should (Both while running and KOEO bulb check). Anyone seen this before?


You will need to check power/ground in the instrument cluster and if good do a resistance test on Data wire, if good replace instrument cluster.


Code U1096 Loss Of Communication With IPC

Possible CausesSetting Conditions
  • IPC Class 2 circuit is open, shorted to ground or to voltage
  • IPC Ignition circuit has a high resistance condition
  • IPC main ground circuit(s) has a high resistance condition
  • IPC (module) may have failed and is pulling the circuit low
  • Refer to the Data Link Connector diagnostics
Key on, and a message from a learned ID number was not detected for the five seconds. Modules on the Class 2 circuit monitor for data communications during vehicle operation. When a module receives a message for critical data it records the identification number of the module sending the message for State of Health monitoring (Node Alive messages). Once a module learns an ID number, it checks for that module’s Node Alive message.

This code sets in 1 Trip(s).
This code will turn on the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)