Doors Lock Themselves Nissan Altima

2012 Nissan AltimaI have a 2012 Nissan Altima coupe 2.5L. Often, randomly, the cd player will say “loading disk” when there is no disk in the player nor have I touched the radio. When that happens it’s an indication that the doors lock themselves as well which means that when I’m ready to get out of my car it won’t unlock from the inside (even if I push the button or manually unlock the lever) I have to roll down the window and unlock and open the car from the outside. It seems to happen when I hit a bump or when I’m turning either direction. Ive been trying to look online and it seems it’s an electrical problem? May I ask what might be causing it and how much it might cost? Thank you!


This does seem to be a common issue but seems to have several fixes involved. It would appear there may be an issue with the door lock actuator. It may be the Switch. the actuator, the wiring harness or the connection. Removal and inspection would be necessary. Some found corrosion in the switch, some needed to replace components while others had wiring issues.

I did find a couple of TSB’s involving the door locks but none that define the problem you are describing.