Oil Pump Pickup Tube 2005 Dodge Ram

2005 Dodge Ram 1500Oil Pump Pickup Tube Issue?

I have a 2005 ram 1500 with the 4.7l engine. Recently I have developed an issue with a low oil pressure warning. Only when the engine has warmed to operating temperature and only when coming to a stop. As soon as I stop my RPM’s drop almost as if it is going to stall at the same time the warning for low oil pressure starts to go off. If I press on the gas pedal the warning stops. I replaced the oil pressure sending unit but the problem hasn’t been resolved. Someone told me it could be that the screen on the pickup tube could be clogged. I was also told there was an issue with the pickup tube not being wide enough and that it clogs quite easily and that replacements tubes have been made to remedy that.

So my questions are:

1. What are the most likely culprits for this issue?
2. Would it be best to start by pulling the pan and inspecting the tube and screen or is this issue more serious? If the screen is clogged is it easy to clean or should it be replaced
3. Is there any truth to there being an issue with the width of the pickup tube?


The engine requires a certain amount of oil pressure. It needs 10 psi for every 1,000 rpms. Now if the engine is idling lower than normal and when you give it a little gas the light goes out, I would think that it is OK for now. Determine why the truck isn’t idling as it once was. It may be from a vacuum leak, failing/sticking idle speed control, clogged air filter, faulty O2 Sensors or gummed up throttle body.

Where to Start

First if the check engine light is on, address that first and post any codes it has stored below in the comments. No codes, move to the things that are free and easy to tackle. Check the air filter and intake hose clamp connections. Then clean the throat of the throttle body. Spray starting fluid or brake wash on a rag(NOT INTO THE THROTTLE BODY) and wipe the throat and edges of the butterfly. This should increase air flow enough to raise your idle. If this still doesn’t correct the issue you may still want to replace the pick up tube.

Oil Pump Pickup Tube 2005 – 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L

I am thinking myth to the larger pick up tube. The engine didn’t have this issue before and the pick up tube didn’t shrink. But I did do a little research on the oil pick up tube anyway. It turns out in 2006 Dodge opted to enlarge the oil pick up tube on the 4.7L engine. It is said that the 2006+ Pick up tube will flow better and faster.

“Commonly the tensioner plastic tab breaks and winds up in the pickup tube screen area, or the sludge gets too thick in the pan and cuts off flow to the pump, you’ll see when you get in there…”

I have read that Melling offers an exceptional replacement. I looked one up and double checked to make sure it would work on your engine. Better to replace than to try and clean.