Tachometer 2003 Ford F-150 4.2l

2003 Ford F-150My Ford F-150 has the electronic ignition and would like to know what or where to tie in a tachometer. I have tried several with no luck. I would appreciate any info you can provide.


Tachometer Installation

  • White wire – connect any +12V that comes on when the lights are turned on
  • Red wire – connect to +12V fuse (only when key is on, radio, lighter)
  • Black wire – ground it to the firewall.
  • Green (tach) wire – goes to PCM

The PCM (Power Control Module) is located on the passenger side firewall, behind the battery. To gain access to the connector, remove the battery. And loosen the fastener that has the connector connected to the PCM. On the connector it has a cover covering the wires connected to the connector, it’s black. Remove the cover.

Once you remove the cover you can see the numbers on each side of the connector. The one you need to locate is pin hole #48, if you already have a wire coming out of #48 just splice to it. BE SURE YOU DOUBLE-CHECK THE PIN #. Because the wrong splice can cause havoc on your wiring system and cause things to fail for unknown reasons. Once you’ve located the right pin hole you need to drill through, be careful as possible. Use a #30 dill bit. Take a paper clip, or safely pin and push the FOD (Foreign Object Debree) out of the pin hole, make sure you get it all because it will be a pain when you put the wire through. Crimp the female connector on the tachometer wire. On the other end open it a little so that the pin doesn’t push the connector and the wire back out. Install the cover back on the connector and fasten the fastener back down on the PCM connector and reinstall the battery (ground first).

D-Sub Connectors – Female

This Process should be similar for all 1997-2003 F-150s, and possibly other years also.

Source: Ford150.net