Headlights Don’t Work 1984 El Camino

Chevy El CaminoHeadlights don’t work. Have parking lights, markers and tail lights but no headlights. Initial issue was very dim headlights, but now no lights at all.


Headlights Don’t Work

My first thought would be a bad connection of some kind. It may be from some corrosion or rust, brittle wiring or loose connection. I will provide a wiring diagram for reference. Check for power at the light switch coming in and going out when the switch is pulled. No power to the switch, check the fuse and wiring between the fuse and the switch. Once that checks good move to the headlights. Check for good ground and then for power when switch is pulled. Repair as needed. Of course all testing should be done with a fully charged battery.

Headlights Wiring Diagram 1984 Chevy El Camino

headlights don't work wiring diagram 1984 Chevy El Camino


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  1. Found the problem! It was a broken tan wire at the connection where the feed from the headlamp switch enters the connector to the high beam switch. Appreciate the response, it pointed me in the right direction.

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