Clicking Noise 2015 Honda Accord

2015 Honda AccordWithin the past couple of days, I have noticed a clicking coming from my car. I would notice this while driving, but it would not happen at any specific time or activity. Fast or slow, turning or straight, accelerating or decelerating, it didn’t matter. Sometimes it would happen semi-frequently, and other times, I could drive 10 minutes before hearing anything. It has been driving me bonkers as I cannot pinpoint the times when it happens. Tonight, I decided to try rocking the car to see if anything occurred. Sure enough, I heard the noise coming from my front driver’s wheel area:
Any ideas? Thank you kindly!


Clicking Noise

First of all, thank you for providing a video so that we at least able to hear the noise. Secondly, there are several possibilities for a clicking noise.  Loose mounting bolts, worn suspension bushing, worn strut mount, worn stabilizer bar bushing, faulty or worn front hub bearing, faulty or worn front CV joint. This would be difficult to tell without a thorough inspection.

Having the vehicle on a lift with someone on top with it rocking the car and someone underneath listening would be optimal.

Consider the manufacturers warranty. If the vehicle is still under warranty then what ever is causing the noise should be covered.