Electrical 1995 Buick Century

1995 Buick Century

Electrical Problem

Had to drive in snowstorm other night, before snowplows were out for about 1/2 hour and about 2 blocks before I got home just driving down the road normally my headlights went out. Then I noticed because I continued on the hazards didn’t work. Looking behind I could tell tail lights were out and brake lights to. So started checking other things. Car was running fine and I got home and out of habit put on the turn signal to turn in driveway and it worked. So tried other side and it worked.

What Doesn’t Work

OK, now here’s everything electrical that went out. All I’ve mentioned so far plus rear defroster, power door locks, dome light and interior lights, gauge lights, horn, and it has a light under hood when you open it that was out(power windows still worked). Also I have 2 little blue led lights plugged into cigar lighter they were out. Everything else worked, Like the wipers, heater, windshield defroster Turn signals and like I said, car was running fine and normal and still is. Fuses all good! Now for even stranger part I come outside about an hour later and noticed those little blue led lights plugged in cigar lighter were back on. So I’m thinking alright, everything’s back on. So jump in and hit the headlights, hear a click and they did not come on. Little blue lights went out again and everything that didn’t before was back to not working again. Checked fuses and again were all fine. This is strangest electrical problem I’ve ever had! What it there something shorting out before going through fuse box or maybe headlight switch or, Oh and why do do turn signals work but not hazards??

Maybe I need a priest? Please help, I hate driving only when the sun is out…thank you.


I would look at a loose or corroded connection at the battery. Quite common for an older vehicle such as this. No short or the fuses would be blown. You are loosing a connection that provides power to a lot of things. So either the negative or positive battery cable connections or cables are dirty/corroded or loose.