1994 Chevy Conversion Van

1994 Chevy Conversion VanWant to buy this van and the steering wheel spins without turning the wheels, steering turns with or without motor running!


Steering Wheel Spins

You are looking at a money pit for its age. With there being play in the steering it could be in the steering gear box, which you can not get a new one. Auto parts stores offer re-manufactured gear boxes but they are not tight. They are warn with new seals so they don’t leak. So if the gear box is out you may not be able to correct it.

Now, if the play in the steering is more in the linkage. All the components are available and not to expensive. You will need to examine the vehicle in order to determine which is the cause for the play in the steering.

The wheel should not be able to spin unless the ignition key in unlocked.