Battery drain 01 Dodge Caravan 3.3

2001 Dodge Caravan

Battery Drain

The van has the 3.3l problem is hit pothole and van shut down. I have check battery(good) there is an open circuit causing a bad drain. Battery reads 11.55v and drops to 5v when you turn key on or even open the door. I have run all the test that I could find. Checked harness, relays, fuses and grounds. Also switched relays. There is 10v showing at the IOD fuse with fuse out. With fuse out there is no drain until you turn key on (no dash lights). And then battery drops to 5v and the ASD clicks after key is off. It wont stop unless you disconnect battery. With fuse in and nothing on the battery drops to 5v.  thank you.

UPDATE: found the problem. it was a frayed crankshaft position sensor wire. those dodge engineers are stupid. who would have figured that that wire would cause all that trouble with van not even on.